Broomstick Cowboys: 1/2 hour live action comedy pilot

Following a humiliating public marriage proposal, a Syracuse man seeks to get his life back on track by returning to the sport he abandoned as a teenager – Curling.


Hellgate: 1/2 hour animated comedy pilot

Simon works in Astoria Park and has a crush on the local rookie patrol cop, Maria. He’d have a better shot with her if: he weren’t a Demon assigned to guard a literal gate to Hell housed in the Hellgate Bridge, his Angelic partner Darius wasn’t an arrogant jerk, and a mysterious cult didn’t seem quite so intent on kidnapping him.


Crete and Barrel: live action short film

A happily engaged couple finds themselves locked in an IKEA after hours with a minotaur.


The Other Half : feature length screenplay

In 1895 New York City, Detective John Marten, a Polish immigrant who joined the police force using an assumed identity, is promoted by Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt and assigned to solve a string of brutal murders. But when the Immigrant community is scapegoated for a crime that has a supernatural bent, Marten must embrace the past that he’s tried desperately to put behind him.


Archer: 1/2 hour animated comedy spec

Last of the Red, Hot Lovers: After a super weapon is stolen from Krieger’s lab by a seductive arms dealer, Archer goes undercover to retrieve it. With Lana’s help, he must overcome a painful obstacle – his own badly sunburned penis.


Doc McStuffins: 12 minute animated children’s spec

Ivory Needs a Tune-Up: Doc has to help her latest patient Ivory – a toy piano with a bead stuck between her keys – before the big jazz age dance Ivory is supposed to headline.